Terms and Scope of Service

Terms of Service for the National Association of Long-Term Care Volunteers

Terms of Service for Individual Subscribers (Volunteers)


Welcome to the National Association of Long-Term Care Volunteers (NALTCV). This document outlines the Terms of Service (Terms of Service) governing your participation in our training programs and your endeavors to volunteer in long-term care communities. By accessing our training materials and resources, you agree to these Terms of Service.

 Acceptance of Terms

Your use of NALTCV’s services indicates your acceptance of these Terms of Service, our Privacy Policy, and any applicable laws and regulations. If you disagree with any part of these terms, please do not use our services.

 Volunteer Training and Certification

– NALTCV provides basic training designed to prepare you for volunteering in long-term care settings. This training is not intended to supersede specific training requirements of any long-term care community.

– Completion of our training program provides you with a Certificate of Completion, which does not guarantee placement within a long-term care community.

 Volunteer Responsibilities

– You are responsible for seeking volunteer opportunities and adhering to the onboarding processes of the long-term care communities, including background checks and additional training.

– You agree to conduct yourself in a compassionate, respectful manner towards all residents and staff within the care communities.

 Limitation of Liability

NALTCV is not liable for any direct or indirect consequences arising from your volunteer activities. You agree to indemnify NALTCV against any claims related to your volunteer work.


Your privacy is important to us. Our Privacy Policy details how we handle your personal information.

 Modifications to Terms

NALTCV reserves the right to modify these Terms of Service at any time. Continued use of our services after such modifications constitutes your agreement to the new terms.

 Governing Law

These Terms of Service are governed by the laws of Pennsylvania.

 Contact Information

For questions or concerns, please contact us at Info@NALTCV.org

 Terms of Service for Long-Term Care Community Subscribers


This document establishes the Terms of Service (Terms of Service) for long-term care communities engaging with the National Association of Long-Term Care Volunteers (NALTCV) for access to volunteer training resources and promotion. By utilizing our services, you agree to these Terms of Service.

 Acceptance of Terms

Your access to and use of NALTCV’s resources indicates acceptance of these Terms of Service, including any liability limitations and obligations herein.

 Use of Training Materials and Resources

– NALTCV grants your community access to our training materials for the purpose of enhancing volunteer programs within your facility.

– These materials are provided for non-commercial use and should not be copied, distributed, or altered without permission from NALTCV.

 Responsibilities and Compliance

– Your community agrees to adhere to all applicable laws and regulations in the management of volunteers, including but not limited to background checks, training, and privacy protections.

– You are responsible for the integration of NALTCV’s training with your specific requirements and ensuring a safe, respectful environment for volunteers and residents.

 Limitation of Liability

NALTCV shall not be held liable for any claims arising from your use of our materials or any volunteer’s actions within your facility.

 Intellectual Property

All training materials provided by NALTCV remain the intellectual property of NALTCV and are licensed to your community for specific purposes as outlined herein.

 Privacy and Data Protection

You agree to protect the privacy of volunteers’ data and comply with all relevant data protection laws.

 Modifications to Terms

NALTCV reserves the right to modify these Terms of Service. Continued use of our services constitutes acceptance of such changes.

 Governing Law

These Terms of Service are governed by the laws of Pennsylvania.

 Contact Information
For questions or concerns, please contact us at Info@NALTCV.org

Scope of Services


Interacting as a national organization with skilled nursing homes in the U.S. will be quite a chore. NALTCV will offer the person managing volunteers in long-term communities access to online training, recruiting materials, templates for various forms such as a volunteer application, volunteer job descriptions, posting ongoing volunteer opportunities, writing blogs, sending out a monthly newsletter, providing a platform that will allow the managers of volunteers and the volunteers themselves to interact, share ideas and stories.

Here are some additional services and resources NALTCV can offer, as well as some limitations to consider:

What NALTCV Can Provide:

1. Training Resources: Besides online training, NALTCV can offer webinars, workshops, and training modules specifically designed for volunteer managers in nursing homes to manage a team of volunteers effectively.

2. Establish a support network to share best practices, troubleshoot common challenges, and provide guidance.

3. Create a comprehensive library of resources, including downloadable materials, case studies, and best practice guides for volunteer management in long-term care community settings.

4. Develop an online community or forum where managers of volunteers and volunteers themselves can discuss issues, ask questions, and share solutions, allowing for peer-to-peer support.

5. Implement a feedback system for volunteers and residents to provide insights on the program’s effectiveness and areas that need improvement.

6. Spotlight outstanding volunteer managers and their teams with awards or certificates to motivate and reward their efforts.

7. Advocate for policies and regulations that promote volunteer programs in long-term care communities. Offer assistance in navigating relevant regulations and requirements.

What NALTCV Will Not Be Able to Do:

1. Direct Management: NALTCV will not be able to directly manage volunteers or operations at individual long-term care communities. The responsibility for the day-to-day management of volunteers typically lies with the long-term community staff.

2. Staffing: NALTCV will not be able to provide actual volunteers to fill staffing gaps. The role of NALTCV is to support managers of volunteers in their efforts to recruit, train, and manage volunteers.

3. NALTCV will not be in a position to provide financial assistance to long-term communities for their volunteer programs.

4. NALTCV may some guidance on legal and regulatory compliance, however, NALTCV cannot guarantee that every long-term community will follow these recommendations, as compliance ultimately is the responsibility of the long-term community.

5. NALTCV resources may not always cater to the specific needs of every long-term care community. Managers of volunteers should adapt NALTCV materials to suit their unique circumstances.

6. NALTCV acknowledges that the success of volunteer programs in long-term care communities depends on various factors and cannot guarantee the success of every program The role of the NALTCV is to support and empower the managers of volunteers in their efforts.

The NALTCV focus is on providing valuable resources, guidance, and a sense of community for managers of volunteer managers in long-term care communities, recognizing that each community may have different challenges and needs.